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Gehm is a fan known for his corollary to Clarke's Third Law, "Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced." (From Analog, 1991). He is a member of General Technics and edited some issues of its newsletter PyroTechnics.

Along with Bill Higgins, Gehm is credited with writing Home On LaGrange (The L5 Song).

While at Michigan State University pursuing (and eventually catching) his PhD, Gehm was the co-organizer, with Higgins and Renee Sieber of a Moopsball game, involving fans from all over the Midwest. The MSU team, The Professor George Edward Challenger Memorial Tectonic Plate Pushing and Freestyle Dinosaur Wrestling Team, prevailed. Equipment for the game was provided by Steve Johnson with the unwitting participation of the DePaul University athletic department.

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