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Andrew (Andy) Hooper is a Seattle-area fanzine fan whose fanzines include Chunga, Flag, Apparatchik (nicknamed Apak and co-edited with Victor Gonzalez), Art Appreciation, It's a Wonderful Ish (with Jerry Kaufman and Stu Schiffman), Jezail, Scatzine (with Victor Gonzalez), and The Seattle Fanzine Renaissance, 1977 - 1986 (with Jerry Kaufman). He wrote the fannish play Fanotchka. He edited the fanthologies How Green Was My Vegrant and Fanthology '89.

Apak was a nominee for the 2005 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 2006 Best Fanzine Hugo.

He was on the Corflu 10 and Corflu 26 committees. He ran for DUFF in 1997 and 1999.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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