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(August 21, 1906 -- October 1974)

A fan who was active in the Boston area as early as the 40s (though she does not seem to have been a member of the Stranger Club) and was a member of the Boston Science Fiction Society where she was remembered as having been bossy. In 1956 she founded the The Science & Fiction Critics Club in Boston, but it is unclear if it ever actually launched.

(She was clearly both important and controversial. As an example, eyewitness reports say that at the banquet Boskone 1 gave her a oguH Award for "distinguished service to science fiction in the New England region", yet years later this was remembered as a crashed, spray-painted rocketship presented to "the person who had done the most to Boston Fandom during the past year.")

With the demise of the BoSFS, she dropped out of local fandom, but remained very active in the N3F, winning the Kaymar Award in 1967. She served on the N3F Directorate in 1961.

She actively corresponded with other fans and regularly contributed items to the Harvard College Science Fiction Collection.

She published Interplanetary Exploration Society, Logic at Work, Snorkel (for N'APA), Sorcerer's Apprentice, Wizard, Writers' Exchange, and ZZZ.

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