Xanadu II

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Xanadu II was held in 1985 at the Rodeway Inn Central in Nashville, TN. Steve Francis was FGoH. It was chaired by Fran Bray.

Dan Caldwell writes: Xanadu II was held in the Rodeway Inn Central, two blocks from the Quality Inn. Dan had recently moved to Atlanta which made convention management difficult. Co-Chair Fran Bray became de facto Con Chair.

Xanadu II had about 350 people, and was possibly the best of the Xanadu cons. The hotel had some interesting features, like (small) jacuzzis in some of the rooms. These rooms, and their jacuzzis were very popular. The con made a profit and everything worked as planned, except the large indoor pool. It suffered from a bad case of green slime, some of which was displayed in a bottle in the con suite, complete with name badge. The pool was greatly improved by Sunday and a few brave souls actually went swimming in it then.

The bheer consumption on Friday was incredible. The entire stock for the con was gone by 6 am Saturday morning. Then consumption dropped off to a rather sedate pace. The hotel staff was great, and everybody wanted to come back there again next year.

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