Worldcon Scandinavia in 1983

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A bid (in its early days also known as Sweden in '83) to host the 1983 Worldcon in Copenhagen, Denmark. It competed with Australia in '83 and Baltimore in '83, losing to Baltimore in '83. See 1983 Worldcon Site Selection for full details.

Committee co-chairmen: Kajas McKinney and Ellen Pedersen Committee: Arvid Gunnarsson (vice-chairman), Richard L. McKinney (secretary), Tommy Ljungberg (treasurer), Lars-Olar Sjogren (membership), Nicholas Barbano, Pedar Carlsson, Peder Christensen, Niels Dalgaard, Cay Dollerup, Dainis Dravins, Kristina Hallind, Njarne Lund-Jensen, Erik Swiatek, Erik Wittchen.

The committee's bidding tactics at Seacon '79 won it no friends, including showing up en masse at other peoples' parties (including their oppositions'), turning off the room lights and yelling "Scandinavia, Scandinavia, Ya! Come to our party!"

See File 770 17, p. 7 for a report.

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