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There were two Winnipeg in ’94 Worldcon bids.

The first was launched about 1979 by Decadent Winnipeg Fandom, a group of young Canadians who decided a hoax bid was a fun way to subsidize a series of room parties. They sold presupporting memberships.

The second was a serious bid launched in the ’90s to hold the 1994 Worldcon in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

At least two fans, Leah Zeldes Smith and Greg Ketter, dug out their presupporting membership receipts from the DWF bid and presented them. The 1990s bidders, knowing nothing about the previous bid, were rather surprised — but they honored them.

The bid was chaired by John Mansfield and beat the L&N bid at Chicon V. The resulting Worldcon was named ConAdian. See 1994 Worldcon Site Selection for details.

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