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After discovering fandom in 1974, Willie Siros founded and chaired two of the earliest SF conventions in Texas: Solarcon I (1975) and Solarcon II (1976). He was subsequently one of the founders of the Fandom Association of Central Texas and its convention, ArmadilloCon. He was the chair of the first three ArmadilloCons and the co-chair of ArmadilloCon 15. He ran Austin in '85, a bid for the 1985 NASFiC and the subsequent convention, LoneStarCon. He is a member of ALAMO.

He has published the fanzine Cambion.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Willie was formerly a para-librarian at the University of Texas Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center and developed its speculative fiction collection. He presently runs the virtual bookstore Adventures in Crime and Space (once a physical store) and attends conventions such as Worldcon, World Fantasy, and BoucherCon.

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