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(August 29, 1911 – October 28, 2003)

Walter L. Dennis was an officer and founder of the Science Correspondence Club, which some have claimed was the first science fiction club, and he co-edited the first two issues of The Comet with Ray Palmer. He was also a founder of the Chicago Science Fiction League in 1935. He was a co-editor of its official organ, The Fourteen Leaflet.

He published the 1932 short story "The Duel on the Asteroid" in Wonder Stories with co-authors P. Schuyler Miller and Paul McDermott using the pseudonym Dennis McDermott. The pseudonym also appeared on a letter published in the same magazine three months later.

He wrote a LoC to Astounding Stories of Super-Science, promoting the Science Correspondence Club, that was published in the June, 1930 issue (Vol. II, No. 3).

Bibliography at ISFDB.

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