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{{award | website=http://wsfasmallpressaward.org/}}
{{award | website=http://wsfasmallpressaward.org/ | start=2007}}

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An award for short sf (in a wide sense) published by small presses. The award is from the Washington Science Fiction Association.

Year Winner Publication Publisher
2007 "El Regalo" by Peter S. Beagle The Line Between Tachyon Publications
2008 "The Wizard of Macatawa" by Tom Doyle Paradox, Issue11 Christopher M. Cevasco
2009 ""The Absence of Stars: Part 1" by Greg Siewert Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show Hatrack Publishing
2010 "Siren Beat" by Tansy Rayner Roberts Roadkill/Siren Beat Twelfth Planet Press
2011 "Amaryllis" by Carrie Vaughn Lightspeed, June 2010
2012 "The Patrician" by Tansy Rayner Roberts Love and Romanpunk Twelfth Planet Press
2013 "Good Hunting" by Ken Liu Strange Horizons, October 2012
2014 "Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma" by Alex Shvartsman Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show Hatrack Publishing
2015 "Jackalope Wives" by Ursula Vernon Apex Magazine, Issue 56

Award Website(IA) Reasonator 2007
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