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Unicon 80 was the first of the British Unicon convention series was held July 4-7 1980 at Keele University in Staffordshire, UK. The GoHs were Harry Harrison, Peter Roberts, Dave de Leuw, Ashley Walker, and Bob Shaw.

From Rob Hansen's excellent Then:

UNICON was held at Keele University over the weekend of 4th - 7th July 1980 with Harry Harrison as GoH, Keele graduate Peter Roberts as FGoH, Dave de Leuw as Artist GoH, Ashley Walker as Artist FGoH, and Bob Shaw as 'Special Guest'. John Fairey was Chairman. The main and alternative programmes included items such as Ken Slater on 'The Golden Age of SF', Harry Harrison and Bob Shaw interviewing/insulting each other, Alan Dorey on 'Getting Into Fandom', Peter Roberts comparing types of fanzines to kinds of animals, a 'Mastermind' quiz, etc. Bob Shaw was Toastmaster at a banquet whose goodies included the famous wines bottled especially for Keele University in Germany. The con was judged a great success and was to be the first in a trio of UNICONs to be held at Keele by the university's energetic SF group whose most active members then included founder Phil Wain, Chris Hughes, Jan Huxley, Colin Hand, Chrissie Pearson, John Wilkes, and Paul Davies.

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