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(Did you mean an Orlando convention?)

Tropicon, the South Florida Science Fiction Convention, ran 20 years from 1982 through 2001. Initially created to take advantage of the writers and artists imported for the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, it was run by a small but dedicated group of science fiction fans headed by Joe Siclari and Edie Stern. In addition to Joe and Edie, the starting group included Judy Bemis, Diane Goldman, Tony Parker, Becky Peters, David Singer, Sue Trautman, and Craig Newmark.

Subsequent Tropicons were put on as independent entities with many of the same people performing the multitude of tasks that make such undertakings a success. In 1985 this same group of people formed the South Florida Science Fiction Society and SFSFS formally took over the sponsorship of Tropicon. SFSFS was the sponsor for all Tropicons from 1985 to 2001.

In addition to convention sponsored guests, Tropicon often had special filk guests. Expenses for these guests were raised by the local filk community, rather than the convention, and involved donations by the usual suspects, calls for donations during the convention, and a limited but sincere amount of arm twisting.

A frequent Tropicon and in fact SFSFS symbol was a flamingo with a propeller beanie. That image appeared woven into many program book covers and other artifacts.

Photos (IA)

Convention Date GoHs Chairman Location
Tropicon I March 12-14, 1982 Lee Hoffman Joe Siclari Boca Raton
Tropicon II December 2-4, 1983 Marion Zimmer Bradley Joe Siclari Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon III 1984 Forrest J Ackerman & Vincent Di Fate Joe Siclari Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon 4 1985 Robert Bloch Joe Siclari Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon 5 1986 Gardner Dozois Nancy Atherton Deerfield Beach
Tropicon 6 1987 George R. R. Martin & Kelly Freas ToastMaster: Jack L. Chalker Joe Siclari & Gail Bennett Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon 7 1988 Poul Anderson & Walter A. Willis Edie Stern Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon 8 1989 Lynn Abbey & Leslie Turek Toastmaster: C. J. Cherryh Judy Bemis & Tony Parker Dania, FL
Tropicon IX 1990 Hal Clement & Bruce Pelz Judy Bemis & Tony Parker Dania, FL
Tropicon X 1991 Andre Norton Joe Siclari & Gerry Adair Dania, FL
Tropicon XI Jan 1993 Ramsey Campbell Gerry Adair West Palm Beach
Tropicon XII 1994 Judith Tarr & Gail Bennett Fran Mullen West Palm Beach
Tropicon XIII 1995 Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Jael Steve Gold West Palm Beach
Tropicon XIV 1996 James P. Hogan Joe Siclari & Fran Mullen Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon XV Nov 1996 David Gerrold George Peterson Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon 16 1997 Esther Friesner Judi Goodman Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon XVII 1998 Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess Shirlene Ananayo-Rawlik & Pete Rawlik Fort Lauderdale
Tropicon XVIII 1999 Mike Resnick & Ron Walotsky George Peterson Hollywood, FL
Tropicon XIX 2000 Vernor Vinge, David Cherry & David Langford Joe Siclari Hollywood, FL
Tropicon XX 2001 Lois McMaster Bujold & Jean Pierre Targete Joe Siclari & Shirlene Ananayo Hollywood, FL

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