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SF2 Concatenation is an annual review zine distributed annually from 1987 to 1997 at the British Eastercon by Jonathan Cowie, Graham Connor and Tony Chester. Subsequently it became a text-only archive website.

In the early 2000s it added new content and developed into a seasonal news and reviews e-zine ( by webmaster Matt Freestone. Alan Boakes replaced Matt Freestone as webmaster in the early 2000s: Jonathan Cowie remained as news and reviews editor continuing with the support of Graham Connor and others. Tony Chester left the editorial team in 2009. The full team consists largely of scientists and engineers who have an interest in, and enthusiasm for, science fiction.

In addition to producing the zine, throughout its history, the SF2 Concatenation team has engaged in a number of projects. Following the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1990, several cultural exchange projects were conducted with eastern Europeans including visits both ways: east to west and west to eastern Europe. In 2005 Jonathan Cowie and Tony Chester conducted a formulaic analysis of the genre listing popular vote (as opposed to juried) award winning works using a crafted algorithm . This was published as Essential Science Fiction: A Concise Guide .

SF2 Concatenation has won a number of awards including European SF Awards in: 1994 (Best Fanzine); 1997 (Best Promoter European SF); 2004 (Honorary); and 2012 (Best website). In 2006 ESFS gave Essential Science Fiction: A Concise Guide a commendation. No other person, group or publication has won as many or in as wide a range of categories of European SF Awards as has SF2 Concatenation.

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