The Nekromantikon

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Large mimeographed fanzine published by Manly Banister in the early 50s which featured mainly fiction by such future pros such as E. C. Tubb, Marion Zimmer Bradley, David R. Bunch, and Bob Tucker.

The first issue is dated Spring 1950, 8x10 inches, with (2-color) cover and interior illustrations (linoleum cuts by Banister), 5 stories (by Banister, Edward Ludwig, M. Houston, George Hart and Greg Bowers), 2 articles (by Banister and Eva Firestone), 4 poems (by M. Houston, Rory Faulkner, Emily A., and Val Seanne), and an introduction by Banister. 52 pages plus wrap-around cover (an extra article (reprinted, about flying saucers) is on the inside back cover, and the back cover is an ad for the N.F.F.F.). Price, given on the Table of Contents, was 25c.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Spring 1950 56
2 Summer 1950 62
3 Autumn 1950 66
4 Winter 1950 52
5 1951 94

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