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A combozine published for Denvention in March 1941, four months before the Worldcon, possibly as a form of advertising it; the individual contributions were prepared even earlier. It comprised 7 fanzines, two of which had two short issues each.

Note that the sum of all individual items is 28 pages, while the Evans-Pavlat Fanzine Index gave the overall length as 32, including both sides of both covers added to the combo, even though the inner ones were (apparently) empty. However, their list "the following fanzines bound in this volume" missed the second Damn Thing, worsening the confusion.

Fanzine Editor Pages Notes
The Denventioneer Voice of the Imagi-Nation Forrest J Ackerman,
2 + 2 separate issues #A (Online) and #B (Online).
The Denventioneer Comet Tom Wright, "assisted by Fortier" 6 Fifth and last issue (but without number or date). Details are described in the Comet article; contents suggest this was prepared early in 1941.
The Denventioneer Fantasite Phil Bronson 2 Online.
The Damn Denventioneer
T. Bruce Yerke, Editor.
Forrest J Ackerman, Business & Circulation (2nd ish: Financer; this also added Mimeo Devil, Edwin Chamberlain)
2 + 2 DENVENTIONEER ISSUE NUMBER ONE. "The Life in Shangri-La", humorous summary of LA fandom. "Dear Olon ordered this on such [short] order that it is being composed on the stencil"; "advertisement" for The Damn Thing lists to whom "first issue [dated Nov '40] … gave … apoplexy", and "second [Dec] … will".
The Damn Denventioneer Thing VOL L (sic) NO II, uncredited faan fiction "It Can't Happen Here (But It Did)". "The Real DAMN THING … second issue is out now, and the third [Feb '41] is on the way up".
Denventioneer Alchemist Lew Martin, Charles Ford Hansen, Roy Hunt 6 Online.
Faye Manning, Dale Tarr, Marvis Manning, and Vincent Manning 4 Online.
The Denventioneer Snide damon knight, Bill Evans 2 issue #1A. Online.

Publication 1941
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