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(1951 –)

Taral Wayne (né Wayne MacDonald), a life-long resident of the Toronto area, is one of Canada's best known science fiction fanartists, and has been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist eleven times in 1987–1990, 2000, 2001, and 2008–2011. In recognition of his contributions to science fiction fandom, particularly Canadian fandom, Taral was named Fan GoH by the 2009 Worldcon, Anticipation.

The penname "Taral" originated from a fictional synthetic language, Siroihin, that he described in one of his early fanzines.

Wayne began his involvement in science fiction fandom in 1971 when he joined the local Ontario Science Fiction Club (OSFiC) for which he has been an officer multiple times. He co-founded Ditto with Catherine Crockett and helped run Ditto 1. He was one of the organizers of Chromecon and ran the first four Torques. He chaired Fan Fair III in 1975.

Over the years he contributed art and writing to a wide variety of amateur and semi-professional fanzines, as well as publishing his own. Other apas he has been a member of include AZAPA, OASIS, Rowrbrazzle and Vootie. Murray Moore edited a collection of his writing for Ditto 15 titled Old Toys: A Tarable Collection.

He co-edited the newszine DNQ with Victoria Vayne in 1978–1984. He was an unsuccessful TAFF candidate in 1983 and DUFF in 1989.

In the late 1980s he made the jump to professional illustration, by necessity working mainly outside the science fiction genre.

During the 1990s Taral focused more on comic book work. His major achievement was the Furry comic title Tales of Beatrix (Mu Press & Vision Comics). Taral also created many back covers for Gremlin Trouble, a comic published by AB Pixilations.

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