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A fanzine published by Leah and Dick Smith since the early 1990s, Stet was nominated for the 1993 Best Fanzine Hugo, the 1994 Best Fanzine Hugo, and the 2001 Best Fanzine Hugo.

The fanzine was named from the proofreader's term stet (Leah had been a professional proofreader), partly in tribute to historic, typographically titled fanzines such as Hyphen and Slant and partly in punning reference to the Gestetner machines most issues were printed on.

It was notable for the mimeographed repro and long lettercol of most issues. There were seven issues in 1990–1992 and then a hiatus until 1999. The 9th issue in 2000, a parody of The Old Farmer's Almanac full of extensive reference material on science fiction fandom, was particularly noteworthy.

Contributors included Kurt Erichsen, George Flynn, Mike Glyer, Greg Hills, Dave Langford, Mike Resnick, and Harry Turner.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 November 1990 28 Mimeo.
2 September 1991 36
3 November 1991 38
4 December 1991 22
5 April 1992 100
6 August 1992 90 Includes “Devaluing the Egobuck” by Greg Hills
7 December 1992 94
8 December 1993 26
9 dated 1999 but not distributed until 2000 AKA The Old Fan's 2000 Almanac. Offset.

Publication 1990
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