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* ''[[The Outlander]]'' [1949-1956] (three issues)
* ''[[The Outlander]]'' [1949-1956] (three issues)
* ''[[Science Fiction Parade]]''
* ''[[Science Fiction Parade]]''
* ''[[Stan's News-sheet]]'' [1948]
* ''[[Tightbeam]]'' (some issues)
* ''[[Tightbeam]]'' (some issues)

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(July 16, 1920 -- December 25, 2001)

John Stanley Woolston, a printer, was long-time LA area fan. He attended Pacificon where he met his life-long friends Len Moffatt and Rick Sneary. He published the 1950 Fan Directory (edited by Leonard Moffatt) on his antique letter press. The Directory was sponsored by the Fantasy Foundation and the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F).

At one time he was head of the Neffan News Service that supplied news to fanzine editors.

He had a short story, "The Human Bomb," published in the December, 1942, issue of Astounding.

Over the years Woolston was a member of N3F (life member), LASFS, FAPA, Outlander Society (one of the founders), OS, FF, and Prtsfs. He served on the N3F's Welcommittee during his membership, and won the club's Kaymar Award in 1965. He edited Tightbeam. Woolston was a founding member of the N3F's N'APA amateur press association in July 1959, membership in which required one to be a member of the N3F as well.

For a short description of him in 1954 see Peter Vortzimer in Abstract #8 p62.

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