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  • #REDIRECT [[List of Chicago Conventions]]
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  • ...]s. It is one of two hotels to have hosted the three major fan-run Chicago conventions. From 2002 until its close in 2008, it was branded the '''Sheraton Chicago Northwest'''. Shortly after Capricon announced it would be changing hotels
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  • '''Annual conventions''' * [[Chicago TARDIS]] (2000-present)
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  • ...n]] who was a member of the [[University of Chicago SF Society]], attended conventions in the 50s, wrote for the [[fanzines]], and published ''[[Sigbo]]'' and ''[
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  • ...ons|in Chicago]], will be held September 1–5, 2022, at the [[Hyatt Regency Chicago]]. [[GoHs]]: [[Charles de Lint]], [[Floyd Norman]], [[Edie Stern]], [[Joe S It was formed from the [[Chicago in 2022]] bid, and won the [[con]] at the [[2022 Site Selection]] conducted
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  • ...Champaign fans planned to run [[Whatcon]] III in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, but cancelled it due to problems with the hotel, the William Tell "No Tell [[Category:Chicago conventions]]
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  • Anime Central is a [[Chicago]]-based [[anime]] convention held annually since 1998. It has been located [[Category:Chicago conventions]]
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  • The Third '''Chicago Conference''' was a [[convention]] held during April 1940 in Bloomington, I ...nces are they were of similar size. There was no local [[club]] and the [[Chicago]] [[fans]] who were organizing the [[Chicon]] made [[feuding]] endemic. [[
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  • ...29]], [[Capricon 30]], and [[Smofcon 34]]. She was a [[co-chair]] of the [[Chicago in 2022]] [[Worldcon]] bid and is now chair of [[Chicon 8]]. She has been a hopes of introducing people to the genre and promoting science fiction conventions.
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  • A small gathering of fans that ran from October 7-9, 1944 in [[Chicago]]. Attendees included [[Dunkelberger]], [[Frank Robinson]], [[E. E. Evans] See [[Early Conventions]]
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  • ...The committee did heavy advertising including TV spots, and had rented the Chicago Amphitheater, which seats 13,000. The got 200 people on Friday and 800 on S Other [[Star Trek conventions]] that failed in 1976 included the [[Boston Star Trek convention]] in April
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  • 1978, and who has worked on numerous [[conventions]], particularly in [[Chicago|Chicagoland]], such as [[Windycon]], where he ran the [[Dealers' Room]] for
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  • ...ered around [[Columbus]] and [[Chicago]] who specialized in saving failing conventions. Members included [[Ross Pavlac]] (who initially named it the '''Columbus They were a competent lot who did much good for conventions (including [[MidAmeriCon]] and [[SunCon]]), but came under considerable cri
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  • (Did you mean the [[MuseCon|series of Chicago-area maker conventions]]?)
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  • ...of the [[Capricon]] [[SF conventions]] held annually in February in the [[Chicago]] area. Besides Capricon, Phandemonium runs a monthly [[book]] club, dining
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  • ...also called '''Midfan''') was founded to run [[Con Fandom|conrunner]]s' [[conventions]] in the [[Midwest Fandom|Midwest]] (notably [[Midwest Construction]]) and Four [[Midwest Construction]]s were held ([[Chicago]], [[Ann Arbor]], [[Kansas City]], and [[Columbus]]) between 2002 and 2005
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  • ...hley]], [[Walt Liebscher | Liebscher]], and other [[fen]] of the area in [[Chicago, IL]] in the spring of '43; they prowled the bookshops, and at a hotel-room See [[Early Conventions]]
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  • .... For many years, he was recognizable by a trademark red fedora he wore at conventions.
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  • ...ed around [[filking]] was called '''FilkCon''' and was held in 1979 near [[Chicago]], probably at the Arlington Park Hilton. It was the first filk convention ...eral of the FilkCons became the first convention of a major series of filk conventions. Today, a '''filk con''' could be one of any number of cons.
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  • ...[[fringe fandom]]s, even though those groups run their own tightly focused conventions, which exclude other interests. Proponents of the Big Tent also tend to obj ...mple of this philosophy in practice, consider [[Windycon 40]], held near [[Chicago]] in 2013, which used "The Big Tent" as its theme. The [[convention]] featu
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  • '''Chicago''' [[fandom]] has remained as disorganized and nearly as quiet as it was wh ...hey are all small, decentralized and often short-lived. Most Chicagoland [[conventions]] and 'tween-convention gatherings are held in the suburbs.
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  • ...wo hotels to have hosted each of the three major [[fan]]-run [[Chicago]] [[conventions]]: [[Windycon]], [[Capricon]], and [[DucKon]]. ...rking lot was the site of the gangland slaying of mobster Allan Dorfman. [[Chicago]] [[fan]] [[Dick Smith]] happened to be on the premises at the time.
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  • The first attempt to create a [[regional convention]] in [[Chicago]] occurred in 1958 when [[Lynn Hickman]] chaired '''Illwiscon'''. Plans fo [[Category:Chicago conventions]]
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  • ...n]]. He is a noted [[sf]] art collector and has organized displays at many conventions including an especially well-regarded one at [[Chicon 2000]]. He was a reg
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  • ...en Roper''' (formerly '''Van Dorn''', née '''Duntemann''') is a longtime [[Chicago]] [[fan]], [[filker]], [[conrunner]] and [[huckster]]. She co-founded [[Dod ...artner and since then used used it for their [[huckstering]] business at [[conventions]], specializing in [[filk]].
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  • ==Bidded Conventions== ...them the right to run a future convention. The [[members]] of these moving conventions vote on where the future con will be held one or two years in advance.
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  • ...organized events often at science fiction, gaming, and other genre-related conventions for adult attendees. [[Chicago]] ||U.B.S. Abandon ||[[Terrence Miltner|Captain Ron Añejo]]
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  • [[Category:Chicago conventions]]
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  • ...ago]]land [[fan]], [[academic]] and [[critic]]. She is a regular at area [[conventions]], [[Worldcons]] and others, participating in many an [[ac track]], and run ...'', Educational Impact, Inc., 1974. She was science-fiction critic for the Chicago Daily News.
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  • ...n uncomplimentary term for a certain type of attendee at [[science-fiction conventions]], particularly one in [[hall costume|costume]], who drifts around the venu A [[scientificombination]] of ''drone'' and ''wardrobe'' — [[Chicago]]'s [[Dick Smith]] thinks he coined it in the early 1980s. In his parlance,
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  • ...though interest in restarting it has been expressed by both [[Iowa]] and [[Chicago]] fans. ...tion name made sense at the time, since we planned to discuss how to build conventions from the ground up, it proved to be a mistake. For years after I chaired th
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  • A [[club]] at DePaul University in [[Chicago]] which published the [[clubzine]] ''[[Effen Essef]]''. Also known as the ...sed of three issues, with contributions from DePaul club members and other Chicago-area fans. Issues of [[Effen Essef]] can now be found in DePaul Library's
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  • ...has also published a number of poems and has coordinated poetry slams in [[Chicago]], where he makes his home. ...con]], and has overseen several other writers workshops at science fiction conventions over the years, often running the workshop at [[Windycon]].
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  • The first ten years of [[SF conventions]] were a mixed bag, but even the largest was small by modern standards, and 1940 || April 1940|| [[Third Chicago Conference]] ||4 || [[Chicago]] ||
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  • ...einer]], and others built blinkies and showed them off at [[Midwestern]] [[conventions]]. [[Jim Fuerstenberg]] popularized them outside [[techie]] circles, weari '''Build-a-Blinky''' sessions at [[DucKon]] and other [[Chicago]]-area conventions.
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  • A three-day [[convention]] held in [[Chicago]] focusing on the [[pulps]]: magazines, paperbacks, original art, movie mem ...|| April 12-14, 2019 || 80th Anniversary of ''[[Planet Stories]]'' and the Chicago [[Pulps]]
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  • ...y of [[All-Night Fandom]], would frequently throw her hotel room open at [[conventions]] for casual coffee gatherings after most [[room parties]] had died down. ...Henry. [[Henry Cabot Beck, Sr.|Hank]] and Martha became associated with [[Chicago fandom]] in 1957.
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  • A phrase from [[mundania]], where it originally described the room in [[Chicago]]'s Blackstone Hotel where a small group of powerful [[United States]] sena ...n the following year's consite]], by analogy with the SFR of [[political]] conventions. But now it simply designates any hotel room where [[fans]] gather during a
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  • ...These conventions may attract many [[ghosts]]. With the proliferation of [[conventions]], some cons that used to be [[regionals]] have devolved into local cons. ...ocal for any considerable length of time. Even in the large cities, like [[Chicago]] and [[Washington]], there have been periods when there was no active [[fa
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  • the [[GT|General Technics Berserkers]] and other activities, regional [[conventions]], and by passing the torch to his children who have developed close friend ...n Kalamazoo, Steve was active in Critter Crunch competitions at Midwestern conventions, helping to mentor young participants and frequently winning these competit
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  • A northern Indiana/[[Chicago]]-area [[convention]] founded in 1998, which ran five times between its fou put together by a group which had focused on running parties at various conventions with the desire to create a con which offered a larger exposure to [[media
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  • ...ssful [[Baltimore in '83]] [[Worldcon]] [[bid]]. He traveled to numerous [[conventions]] around the country to throw bidding parties and give "[[Backrubs for Balt time married [[Toots Larue]] and [[gafiated]]. Later, he lived in the [[Chicago]] area, and had moved to [[Houghton, Michigan]], at the time of his death.
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  • ...opa]] at their [[Wilmot Mountain]] ski resort in [[Wilmot, WI]], outside [[Chicago]], usually over July 4 weekends. Begun in 1963, the event continued for mor [[Category:Chicago conventions]]
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  • '''Thursday''', an informal gathering of [[Chicago|Chicagoland]] [[fans]], met weekly on Thursday nights during the 1970s and]]'s apartment at 7660 N. Sheridan in the Rogers Park neighborhood of [[Chicago]]. Later, the location of the meetings changed weekly as different [[fans]]
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  • Otis Adelbert Kline was born in Chicago. He was an adventure novelist and literary agent during the pulp era. Much ...was not highly connected to [[fandom]], though he was a regular at[[early conventions]] such as the [[Second Eastern States Science Fiction Convention]], [[Nycon
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  • ...00]] recreated a typical [[fan]] living room as used for meetings of the [[Chicago]] [[fanclub]] [[Thursday]]. At [[Anticipation]] in [[Montreal]] in 2009, th
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  • ...ine]] attended the [[Nolacon]] and some of the group made it to [[Chicon 2|Chicago]], where they distributed a "preview" issue of [[clubzine]] ''[[Confusion ( ...was a long-time [[L.A.]] [[fan]] who not only attended many [[West Coast]] conventions, but shared the dais on panels with some of the biggest names in [[SF]] [[p
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  • A [[Chicago]] area [[regional convention]] founded in 1980 and held annually since then ...plicit aim of [[feuding]] with [[Windycon]], but hostility between the two conventions gradually subsided. A number of [[fans]] now work on both, and hardly anyon
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  • [[Chicago]]-area fan who became active in internet [[fandom]] in the mid-90s and bega ...served as a vice-chair for [[Chicon 7]], as well as the President of the [[Chicago Worldcon Bid | corporate board]] in the years leading up to the 2012 [[Worl
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  • ...handful of its members actually getting together as a local group in the [[Chicago]] area, and only partly devoted to the then new genre of [[science fiction] ...ery, Alabama. A month later, [[Walter Dennis]] and [[Sydney Gerson]] of [[Chicago]] formed a similar club. The following year, the two clubs merged with 25
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  • Beginning in 1976, Bob began serving as the [[Co-chair]] of the [[Chicago Comicon]], then the second largest comic book convention in the United Stat ...up [[The Stars Our Destination]], a science fiction specialty bookstore in Chicago from 1988 through 2003. In 1997, Bob sold his mail order business to Alice.
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  • ...n Shack]] in [[Battle Creek, Michigan]], collecting magazines, attending [[conventions]], and publishing the [[fanzine]] (''[[FANEWSCARD]]''). He was also known a ...r. Afterward, he went to graduate school in journalism, then worked for a Chicago-based Sunday supplement. Soon afterward he switched to ''Science Digest'',
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  • ...of the group who hung out at the [[Slan Shack]]. He attended several SF [[conventions]] in the 1940s and ’50s (including the 1943 and ’44 [[Michiconference]] ...ée, [[Ginny Haas]]. They married in November of that year and settled in [[Chicago]], according to [[Bob Tucker]] in ''[[Science Fiction News Letter]]'' 18, p
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  • .... This contrasts with the search for a familiar face at some of the larger conventions. For example, at [[Nolacon II]] (1988) in Louisiana, the registration was c So confident was [[Chicago]] that it would win the bid for the next convention, that its pivot man, [[
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  • ...d *sigh* [[sercon]] will be held both here and at [[Windycon 1|Windycon]] (Chicago's first convention in 12 years -- see the [[Program Book]] its ad). [[Proz ...oday! Pickup can be made here (hope dies hard!) or at various Midwestern [[conventions]]
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  • ...Only two big conventions had been held from 1939 through 1965: [[Chicon II|Chicago 1952]] approached a thousand, as did [[Nycon II|New York 1956]]. The trend ...ship at $3, and rooms were $13 single, $18 double, suites starting at $35. Conventions were getting larger and so were the prices. (But twenty years later -- ouch
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  • [[Chicago]]land [[fan]], [[filker]] and [[conrunner]] '''Bill Roper''' co-founded Dod ...over as publisher of the press. He and his wife also [[huckster]] at many conventions as [[The Secret Empire]]. He was a regular at [[Thursday]].
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  • 1982 -- [[Chicon IV]], [[Chicago]] ...g me to be a [[Program Participant]], a [[Dealer]] -- and a "Veteran" of [[Chicago Worldcons|four Chicons]]. The pale green one, the biggest one, has golden l
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  • ...Zeldes Smith''' (pronounced LAY-uh ZEL-dəs), a longtime [[fan]] based in [[Chicago]] and [[Milwaukee]], has been a [[fanzine fan]], [[club fan]] and [[con fan ...or]], where she was active in the [[Stilyagi Air Corps]]. Upon moving to [[Chicago]] in 1985, she became a regular at [[Thursday]]. She served on the [[board]
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  • ...n 1939]], the [[fans]] present voted to hold another Worldcon in 1940 in [[Chicago]]. See [[1940 Worldcon Site Selection]]. See also [[New York Worldcons]] and [[Early Conventions]].
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  • ...]] in [[Wisconsin]] during the late 1970s, but has been most active from [[Chicago]]. He has been a prominent [[apahack]], [[convention fan]], [[fanzine]] pub After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Dick moved to the [[Chicago]] area in 1979 (in time for the blizzard) and became active in both local [
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  • [[Chicago]] is another of those cities which has abounded with short-lived [[clubs]] See also: [[Chicago]], ''[[6 in 60]]''.
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  • ...e the convention expenses released sometime later. Today, when the cost of conventions runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars and a mismanaged event can rack ...he support of that city to [[Pittsburgh]]. Since there was a substantial [[Chicago]]-area representation in attendance, as well as my [[Eastern Science Fictio
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  • ...In 1983, after running an [[Atlanta]] [[bid party]] at [[Windycon X]] (a [[Chicago]] [[regional convention]]), they approached [[Ben Yalow]] (then on the [[NY ...his was the convention which successfully began an almost-annual series of conventions.
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  • '''Windycon''', a [[Chicago]]-area [[regional convention]], was founded in 1974 and held annually since ...membership hovering around 1300. It is the largest of the fan-run Chicago conventions.
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  • '''DucKon''', a [[Chicago]] area [[regional convention]], was founded in 1992 and held annually until [[DucKon IX]] ||June 16-18, 2000 ||[[Arlington Park Hilton | Sheraton Chicago Northwest]] in Arlington Heights, IL ||[[Catherine Asaro]], [[James Wappel]
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  • The list below includes conventions held in Greater Detroit, clubs, and notable life events for prominent Detro ...59]] [[Worldcon bid]] wins at [[Solacon]] beating [[Big 'D' in '59]] and [[Chicago: 1959]]
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  • on the unfair and unfavorable reports newspapers had given of past conventions. He intended to hand this as a general release to [[New Orleans]] papers. T, became a contest between the top two, [[Chicago]] and [[Atlanta]]. [[Chicago]] won, setting the stage for the first convention with an attendance over 1
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  • ...d the [[pseudonym]] '''H. H. Holmes''' — presumably after the 19th-century Chicago serial killer. (He became a believer in [[pseudonyms]] when a search of th ...He was interested in [[sf]] [[bibliography]]. (See also [[Drama]].) At [[conventions]] he was a party-goer and poker player.
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  • ...e Justice Society of America at [[Chicon III]], the 1962 [[Worldcon]] in [[Chicago]], Patten as The Flash. He was a member of the [[ISL]]. ...[[Loscon XIV]] and [[Westercon 27]] as well as working on numerous other [[conventions]]. He was part of the planned [[Expo '81]]. He was a member of the [[PanPa
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  • ...s|Worldcon in Chicago]], '''Chicon''' was held in the Hotel Chicagoan in [[Chicago, IL]], September 1–2, 1940. The [[GoH]] was [[E. E. "Doc" Smith]]. ...[[nicknamed]] this one. The [[1940 Worldcon Site Selection]] that chose [[Chicago]] took place at [[Philcon 1939]], not at the [[First Worldcon]], but this W
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  • ...badly stricken with the novel coronavirus include [[Amy L. Woolard]] of [[Chicago]], who was hospitalized for many months, and [[Susan Chambers]], Glenn’s Covid-related shutdowns forced [[conventions]] to cancel across the globe from mid-March 2020 onwards. The [[Columbus 2
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  • Kornbluth]], both [[SF]] writers, were then heading Transradio Press in Chicago and New York, and each evening [[Dave Kyle|Dave]] phoned them reports of th ...SF]] weekends. It was unhurried, with none of the hectic pace of the later conventions. There were the usual speeches, [[Lester del Rey]] discussing "Sex and Scie
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  • ...r 1940, in a GAR hall. It was called the Fifth Annual, the first and third Conventions also being counted. Chief bone of contention in 1940 was the proposed [[New
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  • There have been a lot of one-off conventions: Some intentionally so; others not so much. We collect them here. ...., regardless of whether they have similar names or not. Nor do we include conventions which were intended as one-shots but later came to be seen as an instance o
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  • ...quite broad; the corporation is organized for the purpose of putting on [[conventions]], and such other activities as the board of directors may decide. The firs ...tion, concerning the minutest details of the operations of science fiction conventions. A similar dossier most likely exists in the convention bureaus, from city
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  • Shortly after the [[Chicon 2|1952 Chicago Convention]], a British fan who had been corresponding and trading science ...or prizes for which raffle tickets were sold all over the world at various conventions, the drawing being held at [[SFCon|San Francisco]] on Labor Day. In additio
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  • ...ications, as well as a general philosophy as to why and how to run fannish conventions. While Anne was very involved in Minicon, she lived first in [[Chicago, IL]], where she worked in web design, and then in Waterloo, ON, Canada, pu
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  • "6 in 60" - An Incomplete Look at 60 Years of Science Fiction Fandom in Chicago ..and beyond], edited by [[Marcy Lyn-Waitsman]] *[ FanCons] (on [[conventions]] of many genres)
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  • ...ears' evolution of the conventions described in [[Fancyclopedia 2]]. Most conventions are [[Not for Profit]] and many are [[501(c)(3)]] (US charity), but ''all'' [[Relaxacons]] ||Conventions which are basically excuses to get together and socialize. Few if any organ
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  • ...t is the oldest convention with a continuing existence. While most of the conventions occur in the [[United States]], the event has also been hosted by [[Austral 2 ||[[Chicon I]] || September 1-2, 1940 ||[[Chicago]] ||[[E. E. Smith]] ||128
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  • Although Breen's behavior ''at [[conventions]]'' at the time of [[Pacificon II]] seems to have been beyond reproach, man * ''[[Our Fan in Chicago]]''
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  • ...a century has had "con" or "vention" in its nickname with one exception. [[Chicago 1952]] was called [[TASFiC]] by its [[committee]]. The name never stuck and Past conventions occasionally have had three [[Guests of Honor]], even four when overseas. [
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  • ...s when they showed up for the weekend. Thank your lucky stars that today's conventions have an enormous body of experienced personnel available and willing to ass
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  • ...thy''' came into [[fandom]] through [[TASFiC]], the 1952 [[Worldcon]] in [[Chicago]]. She was a WAVE stationed at Naval Station Great Lakes who happened to se ...s of [[Project Art Show]] led to art shows becoming a regular part of most conventions. Associated with that, she published ''[[A Sales Pitch to Convince FAPA to
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  • ...forthcoming"), as they will become confusing with time. The exception is [[conventions]] that can say "will be held". ...Cambridge, Brookline, Waltham, Newton, Danvers also all hosted Boston-area conventions or clubs. All of them should redirect to Boston.
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  • ...itomizes the recurring idea held by some that [[fandom]], and especially [[conventions]], and double-especially [[Worldcon]], are too important to be left to amat ...he increasing complexity of [[Worldcons]] and the increasing importance of conventions to fandom suggested to many that Worldcons should be run by a central group
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  • ...and Martin — hopped a boxcar and spent the Labor Day weekend of 1940 in [[Chicago]], attending the second [[World Science Fiction Convention]], [[Chicon I]]. ...on was the site of the next year's con. [[New York]], [[Cleveland]], and [[Chicago]] groups made bids. [[Los Angeles]] and [[Philadelphia]] groups were asked
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  • A familiar figure at [[conventions]], particularly in the [[Midwestern fandom|Midwest]], he could often be see ...and the only one of legal age! Forty years later he was a member of the [[Chicago in 1982]] [[Worldcon bid]].
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  • ...earsay; [[Mary Southworth]], who was on the spot (and who still comes to [[conventions]] here and there as a [[huckster]]), had a somewhat less dramatic and perha ...] (I don’t think many of us will forget the fiasco he pulled at [[Chicon 2|Chicago]], which almost got us thrown out
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  • ...inuing whole. Anything one [[convention]] does reflects on the following [[conventions]]. Advertisers look at the overall quality of the [[progress reports]], as To the first point: it is inherent in the nature of [[conventions]], [[pro|professional authors]], and [[fans]] that there are far more speak
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  • ...] drags [[Ken Moore|Ken]] to [[Chicon III]] via an overnight bus ride to [[Chicago]]. Both have a great time. [[Ken Moore|Ken]] swears off ever riding on a bu ...s. Eventually, many of these out-of-town members will start clubs and/or [[conventions]] in their hometowns and stop coming to [[Nashville Science Fiction Club|NS
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  • This is a chronological list of SF conventions automatically extracted from Fancyclopedia 3 The list currently has 6968 conventions.
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  • This is a chronological list of SF conventions automatically extracted from Fancyclopedia 3 The list currently has 6986 conventions.
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