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A clubzine published by the Liverpool Group in the 1950s. It had a number of editors, including Norman L. Shorrock, John Roles and Tom Owens. The editors apparently referred to themselves as the Space Divers, the Space Dive being the rented cellar the LaSFaS used as a clubroom.

According to Eric Bentcliffe’s tribute to the club in Waldo 1:

In July of *52 the first issue of SPACE DIVERSIONS appeared. Co-edited by John Roles and Tom Owens, produced by David Gardner and Norman Shorrock. The magazine published some pretty good material from the first issue. A Symposium on Sex and Sadism in S‑F, hit the fannish headlines of the times, and was later published in one volume. The contents were generally fairly equally divided between comment and conjecture on s‑f, and the fannish goings on. Issue No.7 had 108 pages and it*s probably not purely coincidental that shortly, after this issue SD passed, temporarily, into limbo. 
Issue Date Pages Editor Notes
1 July 1952 18 John Roles, Tom Owens contained “A Symposium on Sex and Sadism in S-F”
2 September 1952 32 "
3 October 1952 24 "
4 January 1953 56 John Roles
5 March 1954 36 John Roles, David Gardner, Norman Shorrock
6 April 1953 30 Norman Shorrock
7 December 1953 112 John Roles, David Gardner, Norman Shorrock Included Xmas Greetings from the 'Space Divers' as an insert
7A June 1954 10 "
8 Summer 1954 46
9 Summer 1957 30 John Roles
10 1958 28 "
11 June 1960 56 Norman Shorrock In OMPA 24; Final issue.

Publication 19521960
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