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*[http://www.sf-fan.gr.jp/awards/index.html Website (in Japanese). ]
*[http://www.sf-fan.gr.jp/awards/index.html Website (in Japanese). ]
*{{link | website=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seiun_Award | text=Wikipedia article.}}
*{{link | website=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seiun_Award | text=Wikipedia article.}}
{{award | start=1980 | end=}}
{{award | start=1970 | end=}}

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The Seiun Taisho (Seiun Award) is the Japanese equivalent of the Hugo Award (although the name means “nebula”). It has been given since 1970. The Seiuns superseded the Fandom Award, established in 1965.

It is voted upon by SF fans who are members of the annual Japanese National SF Convention, Nihon SF Taikai. The physical prize differs from year to year.

The first foreign winners were James P. Hogan (Foreign Novel) and Larry Niven (Foreign Novelette), both in 1980/1981. Since 1980/1981, awards have been presented in a variety of categories, including Novel and Foreign Novel.

The categories are:

  • Best Japanese Novel of the Year
  • Best Japanese Short Story of the Year
  • Best Foreign Language Novel of the Year
  • Best Foreign Language Short Story of the Year
  • Best Media of the Year
  • Best Comic of the Year
  • Best Artist of the Year
  • Non-Fiction of the Year
  • Free Genre
  • Special Prize

In many years, the announcement of the winners of the Best Foreign Language Novel of the Year and the Best Foreign Language Short Story of the Year was repeated at the Worldcon's Hugo Ceremony.

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