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A newszine published by Ron Holmes (and Leslie V. Heald? there are few traces of him in the contents) in the UK as a follow-up to their earlier, slightly more substantial Science-Fantasy Review. The name is complicated (see all variants), so for example Then uses the simple War Digest, although Science-Fantasy Review’s War Digest (with the apostrophe, and sometimes even quote marks) was apparently preferred as the full official name, trying to maintain the old brand in case it could be revived soon.

The original format was a single sheet, typed in two columns. From #3 this same sheet was folded in half, and the “folio”'s 4 smaller pages were one-column, with wildly varying margins. ( mistakenly lists these issues as 3-page, since the inner spread is scanned as a single landscape page.) Rarely they were numbered but mostly this was unnecessary.

From October 1940, (SFR)WD was incorporated into Mike Rosenblum's Futurian War Digest.

# Date Pp Notes
1 February 1940 2 Just War Digest in the masthead. "SFR in its old form is to be discontinued for a short period and its place is taken by the WAR DIGEST." At the very end, "SCIENCE-FANTASY REVIEW WAR DIGEST [sic] will feature Wayfarer in next issue"
2 March 1940 2
3 March 1940 4 [masthead]: SCIENCE-FANTASY REVIEW’S "WAR DIGEST". "Here is S-FR in a new format, please let us know how you like it. As we type […] Full details will be given in the usual April issue, as this is an extra issue for March. You asked for it." "Page Two" and "Page Three" marked inside at top. "GLEANINGS Garnered by Ron. Holmes", news in brief. WANDERINGS BY WAYFARER: "I am always gratefull for letters and contributions from readers. This issue, I am printing several of those so kindly sent to me by A. Clarke of Welling, as promised." (3 brief book reviews)
4 April 1940 4
5 May 1940 4
6 June 1940 4
7 July 1940 4
8 August 1940 4
9 September 1940 4 "SCIENCE-FANTASY REVIEW’S ’WAR DIGEST’. Final issue, coming this time from" [Rosenblum's Leeds address]. GLEANINGS Garnered by Ronald Holmes: "I joined up for 7 years in the R.A.M.C." Editorial by J. M. Rosenblum p. 2: "read the first page of Pseudo-Futurian, enclosed with this magazine (!) Actually Ronnie Holmes should have got this last issue of SFR’s War Digest out, in order to round up decently the job of work he has been doing so well, but unforseen circumstances have prevented him. For that reason I have "taken over” a month before schedule tho' with the invaluable aid of material supplied by Ron." Weird Tales Club in Existence. Wonderings by Waifairer [sic!] three spoof mini-reviews of books from the future.

Science-Fantasy Review War Digest online at (copies often badly faded or poorly reproduced)

Publication 1940
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