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(April 28, 1910 – January 13, 1996)

Samuel Kimball Merwin, Jr., was an American SF author and editor who published fiction mostly as Sam Merwin, Jr. His pseudonyms included Elizabeth Deare Bennett, Hammond Clarke, Stanley Curson, Matt Lee, Jacques Jean Ferrat, Craig Scott, Carter Sprague, and Rebecca Noyes Winstead.

He also wrote mystery and romance fiction, and some comic book stories, mainly for the SF comic books published by DC.

Merwin began publishing fiction in 1940 with the mystery novel, Murder in Miniatures.

Overall, he produced more mystery writing than science fiction writing and his science fiction is said to show the influence of the mystery genre. However he was most influential in the science fiction genre, as the editor of Startling Stories (1945–51), Fantastic Story Quarterly (1950–51), Wonder Stories Annual (1950–51), Thrilling Wonder Stories (1951–54), and Fantastic Universe (1953). At first he was billed as Sergeant Saturn, a pseudonym inherited from Oscar J. Friend, the magazines' previous editor, and then simply as Editor.

He quit his editing job in 1951 to become a freelance writer, but his mysteries and science fiction books were only moderately successful. During 1952-1953 he was an associate editor of Galaxy Science Fiction.

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