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Janice Gelb created this gibe at smoffery from minutes of WSFS Business Meetings, using the Talmud as a style guide. The Talmud, which dates to the 5th century, is a primary source of Jewish religious law and theology. It has a unique format showcasing both rules and the commentary of various rabbinical authorities about them.

She published the first page for Smofcon 12 in 1994, which happened to coincide with the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, after a controversy on a fan mailing list about what had happened at a business meeting several years before caused Mark Olson to jokingly remark that it was too bad a Talmud-like document didn’t exist to resolve such disputes.

Gelb added additional pages when Smofcons fell during Hanukkah.

See also: Jew Fandom is Trufandom.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 December 1994 1 A Hanukkah present for Smofcon 12.
2 December 1996 1 For Smofcon 14.
3 December 1999 1 For Smofcon 17.
4 December 2002 1 For Smofcon 20.
5 December 2007 1 For Smofcon 25.

SMOFTalmud online.

Publication 19942007
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