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Ron Holmes was a UK fan from Liverpool active in the 1930s and 1940s. He co-published Science Fantasy Review and later Science-Fantasy Review War Digest. He was a member of the British Fantasy Society (BFS) and a founder of the British Fantasy Library (BFL).

The Liverpool branch of the SFA was created in June 1938 and Holmes joined 'just after the introductory stage when Eric Frank Russell, Les Johnson, etc., had created the group and it was about to fall apart' (quoted in Then). He attended the Second British Convention in 1938 and the Third British Convention in 1939. With Les Heald he produced five of the thirteen issues of Science Fantasy Review between May 1939 and January 1940 after which it was succeeded by the Science-Fantasy Review War Digest for another nine. He also attended the Midvention in 1943 and the two Norcons over the New Years 1943-4 and 1944-5.

When the British Fantasy Society folded, Holmes and Nigel Lindsay formed the British Fantasy Library and published an official organ, Booklist. The first issue of Ken Slater's Operation Fantast was issued alongside it September 1947.

However Holmes was hospitalised and in 1948 dropped out of fandom altogether, although not before providing Walt Willis with his introduction to fandom outside Ireland. Willis saw an advertisement for the BFL in a prozine and wrote off for details. Holmes replied, sending BFL material and a copy of Operation Fantast leading Willis to contact Ken Slater.

Holmes was reportedly rediscovered by Ian Maule in the early 1970s and attended the Beyond This Horizon event in Sunderland in 1973.

Holmes was a conscientious objector during the Second World War.

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