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(January 13, 1933 –)

Ronald Joseph Goulart is a very prolific author of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery stories and a popular culture historian. He is noted for his use of humor.

While a student at The University of California, Berkeley, Goulart contributed artwork to science fiction fanzines. He also belonged to a writing group conducted by Anthony Boucher, whom he later described as "the closest thing to a mentor I ever had." His early career in advertising influenced much of his work. In the early 1960s, he wrote the newspaper parody "Chex Press" on Ralston Cereal boxes. During 1969–1970, he contributed a book review column to Venture Science Fiction Magazine.

He has written under several pseudonyms, including Chad Calhoun, R. T. Edwards, Ian Jamieson, Josephine Kains, Jillian Kearney, Howard Lee, Zeke Masters, Frank S. Shawn and Joseph Silva and the house names of Con Steffanson and Kenneth Robeson.

His first professional publication was a science fiction story, "Letters to the Editor," that appeared in the April, 1952, issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. This parody of a letters column in a science fiction magazine had first appeared in The University of California's student publication, Pelican. In the 1980s, he edited a magazine devoted to comic strips and comic books. During 1996–1997 he edited/published his own fanzine, Comics History Magazine, for a total run of six issues.

Goulart has published more than 180 books. His most acclaimed science fiction novel was After Things Fell Apart (1970), nominated for an Edgar Award. His nonfiction work, Over 50 Years of American Comic Books, appeared in 1991.

A bio-bibliography of Goulart and his work appeared in Tightbeam #290 (October 2018).

Entry in the Science Fiction Encyclopedia.

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