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Rob Hansen at Loncon 3
(photo by Mark Olson)

(November 9, 1954 –)

Robert Clive Hansen is a London fanwriter, artist, and faned active since 1975. His first con was SEACON 75, the 1975 Eastercon, and he was a member of the Newport SF Group, Friends in Space (as a founder), and the Fanhattonites.

He was on the committees of Mexicon I, Conspiracy '87 and Precursor.

He married U.S. fan Avedon Carol on 21 June 1985, having met her (after acquaintance through fanzines and letters) at Albacon II, which she visited as the 1983 TAFF Race delegate. He himself ran, and won, in the following 1984 TAFF Race while she was the U.S. administrator, which brought some attacks on them. When All Fandom was Plunged into War in the 1985 TAFF Race (i. e. during autumn 1984; for overview, see TAFF Wars#1983–1985 or Hansen's own description in Then) and both were administrators on their sides of the Atlantic, he took a strong stance against the US write-in campaign, speaking even of TAFF's dissolution.

The couple were FGoH at Contrivance, the 1989 Eastercon.

Hansen is a major fan historian. He prepared the 56-page overview of Britfandom The Story So Far for the Conspiracy '87, following by more detailed Then (four parts 1988–93, soon released online); a much expanded book and ebook edition appeared in 2016 as Then: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK 1930–1980. He contributed fannish entries for the 1993 edition of Clute & Nicholls's The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. He was brought to FanHistoriCon 6 (held in conjunction with Boskone 32) in 1997 by a special FanHistoriCon Fan Fund. He makes much fanhistorical material available on his website, named appropriately FIAWOL.


Then 2016 cover. Further titles have a similar design with white stenciled capitals on blue

Hansen has edited many fanhistorical ebooks for Ansible Editions. Besides about half a dozen that "only" collect individual fans' writing or zines, the most substantial, dedicated to a particular topic are:

Some of these titles are also available as Ansible Editions trade paperbacks with all proceeds going to TAFF: 1957, 1965, Bixelstrasse, British SF Conventions, Faan Fiction, Generation Femizine, Homefront and (soon) Beyond Fandom.

Fanzines and Apazines:

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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