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(For other vague promises, see Real Soon Now (Disambiguation).)

Real Soon Now (often initialized RSN) is fanspeak for "eventually" (as in "when I get around to it") — possibly “never.”

There were variants: "Soon or Soon" was particularly popular in SAPS and at times it was sufficient to say "Soonest."

See also: Anywhen, Keep Watching the Skies!, Just Like a Daugherty Project Except That It Will Actually Happen and When The Last Dangerous Visions is published....

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
When the MSFS/DSFL was going to have: a convention, a decent fanzine, an active membership, a properly run meeting and many other fine things that didn't quite happen. Term created by Martin Alger in 1950 to describe the excitement evident in the voice of George H. Young when he spoke of the con to be held in Detroit RSN.

Fanspeak 1950
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