Raym Washington

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Raym Washington.

(November 18, 1926 – November 16, 1959)

Raymond Willis “Raym” Washington, Jr., was a teenaged early Florida fan who was connected with Claude Degler’s Cosmic Circle — he was one of the few important fans who fell for Degler’s mishegoss. He used the publishing house Dixie Press, was a member of FAPA and published The Science Fiction Savant.

According to Harry Warner, Raym's younger sister, Mary Helen Washington, was also a fan. With Degler, they held the Live Oak Conference in early 1943.

Raym married Sally Hill Roberts in 1953. He died in 1959 of cancer.

He wrote himself an epitaph in 1944, in Rosebud #1:

If Raym should die, think only this of him:
That there's some congregation, large or small,
That is forever fandom; for the whim
Of fellow fans was his delight, and all
His fanfriends should morn much, and weep aloud
Compose sad odes, and cry into their cloaks,
And loud lament above his pastel shroud
(Before they found his suicide a hoax---)
For him, these fans should carve an Epitaph
That reads: "Here lies a science fiction fan,
Who, fearful of a horrid aftermath,
But with a stout heart, dismissed the world of man
To roam the Star Flecked Cosmos, and to fly,
And sprinkle stars upon the purple sky."

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