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(May 18, 1948 – )

Laurraine Tutihasi, a longtime LA fan now living in Arizona, is a member of LASFS and the N3F, and has served on the N3F's Directorate. She is a co-head of the N3F Bureau that recognizes members' birthdays.

She publishes Feline Mewsings for FAPA. She co-edited Rotating Moderator. She ran for DUFF in 1987.

She married Mike Weasner in Las Vegas on June 26, 1999. They met in 1994 through a nationwide singles group, Science Connection, and she introduced him to fandom and LASFS.

Born in Japan shortly after WWII, Laurraine graduated from high school in Pittsford, New York, and went to college at Carleton College. She later took a graduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Library and Information Science. She loves cats.


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