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A small press specializing in sf and based in Philadelphia. It was founded in 1947 by Oswald Train and James Williams, as well as Alfred C. Prime and Armand E. Waldo, who later dropped out. All were members of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society (PSFS). Prime Press went out of business in 1953.

The Mislaid Charm Alexander M. Phillips 1947
Venus Equilateral George O. Smith (first published book) 1947
Equality; or, A History of Lithconia Anonymous 1947
...And Some Were Human Lester del Rey (first published book) 1948
It! Theodore Sturgeon (first published book) 1948
Without Sorcery Theodore Sturgeon 1948
The Torch Jack Bechdolt 1948
Lest Darkness Fall L. Sprague de Camp 1949
The Homunculus Dr. David H. Keller 1949
Lords of Creation Eando Binder 1949
Exiles of Time Nelson S. Bond 1949
The Eternal Conflict Dr. David H. Keller 1949
Three Hundred Years Hence Mary Griffith 1950
The Incomplete Enchanter L. Sprague de Camp 1950
Nomad George O. Smith 1950
The Wolf Leader Alexandre Dumas, translated and edited by L. Sprague de Camp 1950
The Lady Decides Dr. David H. Keller 1950
The Blind Spot Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint 1951

Publisher 19471951
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