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The word Plergb may be used in many ways, some of which have not been discovered yet.
              — Plergb Bylaws Summary, 1995. 

Thus, noted John Hertz, “explaining is customary, e.g. ‘Plergb, defined as having corrected all the typographical errors in this comment’, or ‘Plergb, defined as a pair of robot musicians’.” Plergb is properly capitalized.

Authorized variants of the word Plergb include Pglergb, Plergdb, Pglorgdb, and Skeegl. There also exists the Medieval Spelling of Plyrrhghb....

See the Plergb Bylaws Summary, a document of the Plergb Commission, for further usage details.

Plergb was introduced to fandom by Tom Digby via Apa-L, probably in the early 1970s. Author John M. Ford used it, without explanation, in his 1987 Star Trek sharecropper novel, How Much for Just the Planet?

See also: Epithets, Expletives, Insults and Obscenities; Plergbcon.

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