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Phyllis Scott (later, briefly, Rickhardt) was an East Coast fanfanzines identify her as from New York and from Boston — active in the 1950s and ’60s. She traveled to Midwestcon and Worldcons.

At SFCon, she won a masquerade prize “in shroud, noose, dagger-pierced body as ‘D.O.A.,’” Bob Bloch reported in Le Zombie 64.

Dave Kyle recalled in Mimosa 10 (July 1991) that he met “young, prim Phyllis Scott” at Philcon II in 1953: “She was a native of Maine, living in New York City, and soon became very much part of the sf scene. One day to my horror I learned she was threatened into white slavery by a thug. By her cooperation with police and attorney Marty Fass (my security head for Newyorcon 1956), justice triumphed and she moved out of danger to California.”

She was a onetime girlfriend of Bill Donaho’s. In the early 1960s, in California, she lived with Bill Rickhardt and used his name, but wasn’t married to him. They had a son together, but split up after a few stormy years, according to Donaho in Habakkuk v.3 #3 (Spring 1994, p. 4).

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