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There were some paste-in photos in the old ''[[Fourteen Leaflet]]'', and a page of half-tones in an issue of ''[[Fantasy]]'' magazine, but photographs were little seen till 1939 when ''[[LeZombie]]'', [[Speer]], and others began publishing them. Photos were most often of [[fans]] and [[fan]] activities, but also included tabletop [[fantastic]] scenes, shots off the screen of [[fantasy movies]], and whatever else might be of interest. By the 50s expanding size of mailing lists had made actual use of tipped-in photos impractical, but long before this [[Ackerman]]'s [[Assorted Services]] [[lithographing]], and [[Tucker]]'s discovery of a [[half-tone]] [[mimeo]] process, had opened up new possibilities.
from [[Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement]]  ca. 1960:
[[Tucker]]'s process was not really Stenafax, but a chemically-treated [[stencil]]. [[Hal Shapiro]] claims to be the first to bring Stenafax to [[fandom]]'s attention; he was in the process as editor of a [[mimeoed]] Air Force paper, which received Stenafaxed items (the device uses an electronic [[stencil]]-cutting needle to reproduce a black-on-white master copy) from AF journalism HQ.

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