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Philcon 1978 was held over Halloween weekend (presumably Oct 27-29, 1978) at the George Washington Motor Lodge in King of Prussia Pennsylvania. Michael Bishop was principal speaker and Mike Hinge was Guest Artist.

The move out of downtown Philadelphia was reported in Karass #37 (June 1978) as being due to the convention being kicked out of the Ben Franklin Hotel (where it had originally been scheduled) because it had not paid a Holiday Inn bill because of a dispute over a broken contract.

One con report noted that the location was "continuing the trend of cons not being held in the cities they're supposed to, but in outlying districts. While there were a few complaints about the motel-style layout of the place (no hall parties for want of halls) and the relative isolation, the convention went well, got along with the hotel staff, and didn't lose money. Michael Bishop's GoH speech was humorous and downright fannish, complete with a reading from a noted sf newszine published in an alternate universe. Also in attendance were Jack Williamson, Joan Vinge, Norman Spinrad, C. L. Grant, David G. Hartwell, Gardner Dozois, and about 500 fans."

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