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PgHLANGE I was held June 6-8, 1969 at the Allegheny Motor Inn in Pittsburgh, PA. The GoH was Robert Silverberg and it was unofficially co-chaired by Ginjer Buchanan and Suzanne Tompkins. Attendance was about 80.

The Allegheny Motor Inn was very small, but even with a small hotel there were problems, as some of what little meeting space there was was rented out from under the convention to a wedding party. This meant that the huckster area was outside the hotel; luckily, weather cooperated. The tight confines caused many of the attendees to take a pass on what programming had been planned.

The convention got off to an unusual start: on Friday afternoon, the entire committee had gone to the airport to welcome Silverberg to Pittsburgh, unaware of the fact that he had already gotten to the motel on his own resources. After a period of time when people were wandering around wondering where the convention committee was, Barbara Silverberg offered to go to the airport to welcome the committee to Pittsburgh.

There were tried and true types of panels, such as Lin Carter on "How to Create a Fantasy World" and a panel on SF Criticism with Lin Carter and Lester del Rey. Even Robert Silverberg's GoH speech topic was a bit prosaic: "What It Is Like to Be a Writer". The main attraction of the convention seemed to be the parties, for which the presence of a usable swimming pool helped considerably. One of con attendees was a Star Trek fan named Lois McMaster.

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