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Fancyclopedia 3 is the encyclopedia of Science Fiction Fandom which began in the 1930s and has grown ever since. It is a collective enterprise of fandom, based on the previous works by Jack Speer (Fancyclopedia 1) and Dick Eney (Fancyclopedia 2), plus lexicons by rich brown and Leah Zeldes Smith, it is written by fans who want to contribute.

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Like most encyclopedias, Fancyclopedia (often called "Fancy 3") contains articles on people, events and organizations. It has a Fanzines category. It contains a glossary of fanspeak which is referenced by any articles using fannish terms (we started using rich brown's glossary (Dr. Gafia's Dictionary)).

  • People: Biographies of fans and their achievements and exploits. We do not limit ourselves to BNFs!
  • Events: History -- the happenings which shaped fandom (or are just interesting).
  • Conventions: Big, small and in-between.
  • Organizations: Clubs, including city clubs, apas, online lists, etc.
  • Fanzines: Focal point fanzines or just people's zines, including fannish websites.

The focus of Fancy 3 is the community of SF fans, so fans and their doings form the core. We include some things which are in the "penumbra" of fandom: professional SF and some sub-=ground of fandom such as filk and Tolkien fandom. In general, we are not interested in pop culture or in related areas split have off from fandom and are now essentially separate with their own histories. So while comics fandom, animé, and the Society for Creative Anachronism (as examples) arose from science fiction fandom, they are now largely independent. Articles on other fandoms should note their relationships with science fiction fandom and provide links to sites concerned with those fandoms.