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A fanzine published by Norm Metcalf starting in 1959. The first issue was published by Stellar Enterprises, while the second and third issues were published by Terra House and printed by Donald M. Grant. The name of the publishing house was changed because Ted White objected to Metcalf using the name of White's long-running fanzine Stellar.

Issue 2: Dated Jan 1960, 40 pages 8.5x5.5". Cover by Morris Scott Dollens. Articles: Paper Spaceship by Poul Anderson, My Motive for Writing SF by Bob Olson, Jr., and The Old Science Fiction and the New by Stanton A. Coblentz.

Issue 3: Dated Aug 1960, 56 pages 8.5x5.5". Cover and back cover by George Barr, interior illustration by Tom Walker (also used as the cover of the book The Science Fictional Sherlock Holmes). Articles: Good Science Fiction: Where Is It? by Damon Knight, Arkham House Enters Its Third Decade by August Derleth, Sherlock Holmes and Science Fiction by Anthony Boucher (introduction to The Science Fictional Sherlock Holmes), On the SF Screen (movie review by Mike Deckinger, and The Cold Eye (fanzine reviews) by Arthur Wilcox.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 December 1959 32
2 January 1960 40
3 August 1960 56
4 V2.1 May 1964 30 final issue

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