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(Did you mean a Bradford convention?)

Necon, the North-East Writer's Conference, (which is also known as Camp Necon) is a small, mainly horror-oriented convention held on the Roger Williams College campus near Providence, RI. It tends to be sercon.

See the Necon Hall of Fame.

Con Dates GoHs
Necon 1 1980 Charles L. Grant, Don Maitz
Necon 2 July 24-26, 1981 Peter Straub, Rowena Morrill, Les Daniels
Necon 3 1982 T.E.D. Klein, Michael McDowell, Jill Bauman
Necon 4 1983 John Coyne, David Morrell, Ned Dameron, Barclay Shaw
Necon 5 1984 Alan Ryan, Whitley Streiber, Steve Gervais, Bob Lavoie
Necon 6 1985 Donald M. Grant, All Donald M. Grant Artists
Not held 1986
Necon 7 1987 Kathryn Ptacek, Robert McCammom, Tom Canty
Necon 8 1988 John Farris, F. Paul Wilson, Charles Lang, Wendy Lang
Necon 9 1989 Lucius Shepard, [[Chet Williamson ]], Jeff Jones
Necon 10 July 19-22, 1990 All previous GoHs
Necon 11 July 19-21, 1991 Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterson, AGoH: Bob Eggleton
Necon XII July 17-19, 1992 Craig Shaw Gardner, Tom Monteleone, Alan Clark
Necon 13 1993 Ellen Datlow, Gahan Wilson, Rick Leider
Necon 14 July 28-31, 1994 Brian Lumley, Rick Hautala, Rick Berry
Necon 15 1995 Jonathan Carroll, Matthew Costello, Stephen Bissette
Necon 16 1996 Nancy Holder, Joe R. Lansdale, Doug Beekman
Necon 17 1997 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Yvonne Navarro, Pat Morrisey
Necon 18 1998 Jack Ketchum, Neil Gaiman, Cortney Skinner
Necon 19 1999 Kim Newman, Thomas Tessier, Mike Mignola
Necon 20 July 13-16, 2000 All previous GoHs
Necon 21 2001 Tim Powers, Elizabeth Massie, Nicholas Jainschigg
Necon 22 2002 Douglas Clegg, Graham Joyce, Christopher Golden, Richard Sardinha
Necon 23 2003 T. M. Wright, Elizabeth Hand, Richard Chizmar, Omar Rayyan
Necon 24 2004 Simon Clark, Tom Piccirrilli, Tamara Thorne, Don D'Auria, Glenn Chadbourne
Necon 25 July 14-17, 2005 All previous GoHs
Necon 26 July 13-16, 2006 Peter Crowther, Gary Braunbeck, Edward Lee, Gahan Wilson
Necon 27 2007 Sephera Giron, Brian Keene, Tim Lebbon, Tom Kidd
Necon 28 2008 Charlaine Harris, Michael Marshall Smith, James A. Moore, Eric Powell
Necon 29 2009 John Skipp, Thomas E. Sniegoski, Lars Grant-West
Necon 30 2010 All previous GoHs
Necon 31 2011 Sarah Langan, Jonathan Maberry, Steven Gilberts
Necon 32 2012 Heather Graham, Jeff Strand, Matthew Dow Smith
Necon 33 July 18-21, 2013 Kealan Patrick Burke, C. J. Henderson, Caniglia
Necon 34 July 17-20, 2014 Michael Koryta, Amber Benson, Nicholas Kaufmann, Erik Mohr
Necon 35 July 16-19, 2015 Chuck Wendig, Seanan McGuire, Paul Tremblay, Duncan Eagleson
Necon 36 July 21-24, 2016 Joe Hill, Mark Morris, Laura Anne Gilman, Rebekah Isaacs
Necon 37 July 20-23, 2017 Cherie Priest, Laird Barron, Weston Ochse, Kristina Carroll

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