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Once upon a time there was the New York University Science Fiction Society, founded in 1969, with a constitution defining a NYUSFS member as any sentient being that considered him/her/itself a member; the Thursday-evening meetings at the Loeb Student Center were thus open to anyone who wanted to show up, in contrast to the closed, members-only meetings of clubs like the Fanoclasts, or clubs which distinguished between members and attendees like the Lunarians. APA-NYU a.k.a. APA-nu was founded there a few years later.

In 1975, Sam Konkin proposed renaming it the Solarians (a play on the name of another New York club, the Lunarians). The renaming did not happen, but the club did sometimes get referred to by that name.

In the spring of 1979 their membership policy figuratively reared up and slapped them in the face when the Loeb administration, claiming too many groups with little student involvement were using rooms, began doing a series of ID checks, the upshot of which was that NYUSFS was kicked out. The club kept meeting, kept the acronyms NYUSFS and APA-NYU, letting the U stand for anything at all except "University"; met in Washington Square Park across from Loeb in nice weather and scrambled for winter meeting space than ranged from a MacDonald's, to a small public lounge in the university library and even back at Loeb under the aegis of sympathetic student clubs like the Libertarian Alliance, the SubGenius Alliance and the Science Fiction Club @ NYU (a club organized several years after NYUSFS was banned).

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