Mythcon XXVII

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Mythcon XXVII was held during July 1996 at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. The Guests of Honor were Doris T. Myers, author of C. S. Lewis in Context and Ted Nasmith.

The theme was "The Inklings and Nature: Magic in the Mountains, Wonder in the Woods"

Papers Presented

   Dr. Janice Bogstad, "Science/Magic Cusp: The 15th Century in Crowley, Eco, Gentle and Selected Contemporary Fantasy"
   David Bratman, "Hugo Dyson: Inkling, Teacher, Bon Vivant" and "Comparison of England's and Middle-earth's Administrative Geography"
   Dr. Joe Christopher, "The Nature Poetry of C. S. Lewis" and "The Dantean Structure of The Great Divorce"
   Steve Deyo, "Mytho-Poetic Diction: The Origins of Mythopoeia in the Works of Owen Barfield" and "A Secret Vice Re-examined: A Present Day Etiology"
   David Downing, "Development of Lewis' Otherworldly Nature Imagery"
   Dr. Verlyn Flieger, "The Green World in Conflict: Nature and Culture in Tolkien's Middle-earth"
   Prof. Michael A. Foster, "The Forest and the Hall: Nature and Man in Smith of Wootton Major"
   Dr. Diana Pavlac-Glyer, "An Antidote to Shadowlands"
   Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull, "Views and Visions of Nature in Tolkien's Art"
   Susanne E. Hill, "C. S. Lewis on Animals, Nature and Ethics"
   Gary Hunnewell, "The Astronomy of Durin's Day"
   Alexei Kondratiev, "An Cuma Scéal? (Does the Story Matter?) Two Celtic Language Writers of Modern Fantasy: Séamus MacAnnaidh and Robin Llywelyn"
   Dr. Bruce Leonard, "The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder of Frodo Baggins"
   Michael Johnson, "How Many Eldila Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?"
   Nancy Martsch, "J. R. R. Tolkien and American Fantasy"
   Marta Gracia de la Puerta, "Tolkien's Concept of Nature: Correlations with Galicia's Sense of Nature"
   Heidi Peterson, "In the Beginning: Reading Lewis into the Writing Nature Canon"
   David Sandner, "The Fantastic Sublime: Tolkien's "On Fairy Stories" and the Romantic Sublime"
   Dr. William Sarjeant, "The Geology of Middle-earth"
   Tim Schindler, "The Temptations of the One Ring of Power as Correlated to the Three Temptations of Christ in the Wilderness"
   Arden Smith, "Rúmilian Alphabet Workshop"

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