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(1) A Non-Fan[edit]

(n.) A mundane is someone who is not a fan. ("He is a mundane; they are mundanes.") In this sense it is equivalent to gwai lo, goy or muggle, meaning an outsider, Someone Who is Not One of Us. The term is used for people who are completely outside of the sf community. ("Don't freak out the mundanes. The hotel won't like it.)

(2) The World Outside Fandom[edit]

(adj.) Pertaining to mundania, the world outside fandom. ("In mundane life, Joe Fann is a stockbroker.")

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Non-fannish. Pertaining to the Outside World.

(3) Unfannish[edit]

(adj.) Unfannish or not fan-like. ("You're skipping the con in order to play baseball? How mundane.")

(4) The Country of Mundane[edit]

(n.) In the Enchanted Duplicator, the Country of Mundane is where Jophan lived before he was inspired by the Spirit of Fandom to seek Trufandom on the other side of the Mountains of Inertia in The Enchanted Duplicator.

(5) A Character[edit]

John Q. Mundane, the hotel detective, one of the main characters in Larry Tucker's video FAAnS, played by Roger Sims.

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