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Minicon 13 was a convention held March 24-26, 1978 at the Leamington Hotel in Minneapolis. Guests of Honor: Samuel R. Delany, Spider Robinson, and Bob Tucker.

The convention did not have a chairman but was run by an "Executive" consisting of Jan Appelbaum, Margie Lessinger, Jim Odbert, Jerry Stearns, and Dave Wixon. Attendance was about 800 and the official motto "Nothing is as it seems."

The fannish play Stage Wars was presented by the Moebius Theatre.

There was no Minicon 14 because the Fall 1978 convention that was expected to bear that name became Anokon 1, instead. Minn-stf had already designated the Spring 1979 Miniconn as Minicon 15, so it was left as-is and 14 was skipped in the Minicon sequence (but then used in 1982 to confuse the innocent.)

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