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MFCI (Midwest Fannish Conventions, Incorporated, also called Midfan) was founded to run conrunners' conventions in the Midwest (notably Midwest Construction) and build fannish ties. The initials were a play on MCFI and the group named based on the initials.

Four Midwest Constructions were held (Chicago, Ann Arbor, Kansas City, and Columbus) between 2002 and 2005 before the organization essentially fell apart. Occasionally an issue of the group's zine, MidFanzine is published and talks arise about holding another Midwest Construction.

The organization was suggested by Steven H Silver after Tammy Coxen complained that too much of the programming at Smofcon 18 was focused on Worldcon running and she focused more on local and regional conrunning. Erik V. Olson was brought in as the third founding member.


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