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(Were you looking for The Don Miller Diplomacy fanzine?)

A fanzine published by Jack Riggs in the 40s in Berkeley for a total of nine issues.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 July 1944 23
2 April 1946 16 "By The Outhouse Press (we're outsiders), Wyers & Riggs Prop." "Tom Wright, currently in the employ of Uncle Sam at Camp Beale and dressed accordingly, is no longer an acti-fan, but the cover [not included in page numbering] was done by him four years ago while he was". Several short stories with thanks to the Manuscript Bureau and general articles. News of the editors' Golden Gate Futuria Society
3.5 July 1946 6 Special issue included in Pacificon Combozine
4 November 1946 22
5 January 1947 16
6 May 1947 18
8 February 1948 16 in FAPA 42
9 September 1948 20 final issue

Publication 19441948
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