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Last and First Fen was a tapera, an audio taped show, created by Liverpool’s MaD Productions in 1956, based (we think) on a script by Jack Speer. “Eighteen months in the making, and a quite fabulous thing,” according to Eric Bentcliffe in Waldo no. 1 (December 1959). The tape ran 45 minutes long and premiered at Cytricon II.

Last and First Men is the title of a 1930 novel by Olaf Stapledon. And we could be totally wrong, and the LāSFāS fans may have written their own parody instead of using Speer’s by then 10-year-old fannish play.

Jack Speer’s script can be found online here. Speer’s introduction:

A United Press story in 1945 quoted Major P. C. Calhoun, “head of the A.A.F. guided-missile branch,” as saying that they expected to be able to shoot a rocket to the moon within 18 months, and within five years “to have a rocket that will carry men outside the Earth’s atmosphere and return safely.” Some stefinists were not so sanguine: in Gerry de la Ree’s polls of SF readers, authors, and editors, the majority estimated a date of 1950 or sooner for manned flight to the moon or another planet.

I ran with that idea in the following. This is what’s now called faan fiction, i.e., fiction about sfans.


  1. Nitrosyncretic Lab” was the name of the kitchen in Abby Lu Ashley’s house, the original Slan Shack.

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