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(Did you mean Michael P. Kube-McDowell?)

The in-house TV station organized by Scott Imes at MidAmeriCon, the 1976 Worldcon. This was probably the most ambitious video-taping ever done at a convention and managed to record a significant part of the convention’s program.

Members of the team included Scott Imes, Ken Hoyme, David Dyer-Bennet, Margie Lessinger, Jerry Stearns, and several other Minneapolis fans whose names we'll add here as soon as we know who they are. Between training sessions at Minicon 11, Bozo commercials shot in Minneapolis, and all that went into filming MidAmeriCon, pretty much everyone who was active in Minneapolis fandom ended up helping out.

Items recorded included:

After the convention, some of the tapes were copied to other formats and all of the tapes went into storage. After Imes' death in 2001, his partner, Margie Lessinger made the tapes (the Scott Imes Video Archive) available to Jeff Schalles who cataloged them and then, in 2015, turned the MidAmeriCon-related tapes over to Geri Sullivan who organized the Video Archaeology Project to preserve them by professionally digitizing the by then nearly 40-year-old tapes.

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