Joyce Scrivner

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Joyce Scrivner at Corflu Nova (1984). Courtesy of Rich Lynch

(1950 --)

Joyce Scrivner describes herself as a fanzine collector, fan historian, and con runner. She is a member of Minnstf and the (Minnesota) Misfits. She was DUFF winner in 1981 (publishing the DUFF Newsletter.)

She chaired Not-Anokon 2, Plergbcon and the FanHistoriCon 5 in Minneapolis, FanHistoriCon 8 in Baltimore, and FanHistoriCon 9.5 in Melbourne. She also worked on Worldcon, Minicon, MarsCon, CONvergence and Diversicon.

Her fanzines include the ezines, the Hebrew Alphabet, the Greek Alphabet, and the Cherokee Syllabary. She did the second printing of the The Lindsay Report in 1992. She was a member of FAPA.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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