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(July 20, 1932 – August 20, 2016)

John Wesley Grossman, an artist from Des Moines, Iowa, drew illustrations for both fanzines and pulp magazines as a teenager in the 1940s and ’50s. He was a member of the Fantasy Artisans. He edited Scientifantasy with Bill Kroll.

He was active in Midwest fandom and part of the MFS after moving to Minneapolis to attend the Minneapolis School of Art in 1950. He was involved in the InVention hoax. He attended Midwestcons and Cinvention, where he worked on The Cinvention Daily.

Grossman was in the army from 1952–54, then moved to San Francisco. He gafiated and went on to have a distinguished (mundane) art career. He also became a notable collector of ephemera and author of several books on the subject.

He married Carolyn Bussell in 1985 and they had one son, Jason. They moved to Tucson where John died in 2016.

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