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(1968 --)

British fan introduced to fandom through OUSFG in the late 80's. He describes himself as probably more a science fan than an SF one, with interests in Xenobiology, worldbuilding, spaceflight and the like as they appear in SF. Based in London, involved in programming for various cons, including Conine, Illumination, Mancunicon and the science programmes at Intersection, and Loncon 3 with Dave Clements.

He went to RSFG meetings when in Wokingham, and DASFA when in Colorado, and still goes to the Jomsborg in Exile book group and the London Circle.

He's one of the editors of Fancyclopedia 3, focusing on the UK and conventions, and is scanning in old convention publications.

He ran Earth Calling Biscuit Barrel, the UK's first electronic APA.

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