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(1949 – January 7, 2011)

Jerry Weist authored numerous books, including Bradbury: An Illustrated Life, which was nominated for the 2003 Best Related Book Hugo. The 2002 coffee table study of the celebrated SF writer focuses on his connections to pulps, slicks, radio, theater, film, and visual art. By Bradbury's own admission, he was influenced by movies from the age of three, and the book traces the shape of this influence through his long career.

Wrist wrote the first two editions of The Comic Art Price Guide, and a book on Frank R. Paul, which he was updating at the time of his death.

He was a renowned sf art dealer and comics dealer, whose own personal art collection was excellent, especially for early artists like Frank R. Paul. He was the sf specialist for Sotheby's, and oversaw the auction of the Sam Moskowitz collection. He founded the Million Year Picnic, a Harvard Square comic book store.

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